Resolving Land Disputes Between You And Your Neighbor: How Land Surveys Help

If you read the classified advertisements in the newspaper, you know that it remains the number one spot for cities to post new construction announcements and public hearing announcements. Often, most neighbors are unaware that someone next door to them is about to construct an addition, a new garage or install a fence until these public notices are posted. The purpose for the notices gives neighbors the time and the right to attend a public hearing that grants the property owner the permit to build. Read More 

Why You Need To Pay Attention To Invasive Plants

Whether you're a homeowner on a small lot or on a multi-acre ranch, you need to pay close attention to outdoor invasive plants and trees. Invasive plants can quickly envelope areas and choke out native species that are necessary for maintaining a natural and healthy ecosystem. Though invasive plants differ from state to state, and even region to region, they all share in the same patterns of habitat destruction that cause consistent problems for any landowner. Read More 

Private Eyes Are Watching You – How To Shield Your Backyard From Neighbors

Do you long for some privacy in your own backyard? Today's homeowners are often stuck in close quarters with neighbors on all sides -- many with multi-story homes -- and feel like it's impossible to be truly alone. But it can still be done, with some clever landscaping and hardscaping techniques. Here are 5 ways to create your own private haven in any yard.  Put a roof over your head. Read More 

4 Tips for Landscaping Your Backyard on a Budget

Creating a beautiful backyard does not have to empty your bank account. While it can be easy to spend thousands of dollars on landscaping a backyard if the funds are available, there are a number of things that you can do with a small budget to transform a drab space into something amazing. Use the following tips to make a drastic impact in your backyard when you don't have a ton of money to spend: Read More 

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Awning When Doing Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning comes around when the weather starts to warm up and people want to get back outside to enjoy Mother Nature after a cold winter. When you start your spring cleaning routine, don't forget to clean your outdoor awning too. Cleaning your awning will not be difficult and will allow you to make the most of it during the hotter times of the year. The following guide walks you through the quick and easy process of cleaning an awning. Read More