Four Important Tips To Help You Move Smoothly

Moving can be complicated and must be a completely organized process. If you are not organized and  don't have your items ready for moving, it can throw your world into complete chaos. Here are four important moving tips that you can employ to ensure that your smooth runs smoothly.

1 – Start by grouping all similar items together and keep them divided into boxes. Items such as electronics, dishes, bathroom items, or clothing should be grouped together. Make sure that each box has the name of the contents and the room that it belongs in clearly written on the side of the box in black marker.

2 – Make sure that you package screws, bolts and loose items together by placing them into a plastic sandwich bag and then taping it to the larger item it belongs to. For instance, when you take apart the bed there will be a lot of loose screws that you will need when it comes time to reassemble the bed at your new house. Take all the screws and place them into a plastic bag and then tape them to the head board. This will prevent them from coming loose and potentially getting lost during the move while the item is in transit.

3 – Take valuable items or fragile items and wrap them into bath towels. The towel will absorb the shock and any jostling that happens when an item is packed away or being moved around. Bathroom towels will need to be moved anyways, and using them as shock absorbers will save you money as you will not have to pay for bubble wrap.

4 – Keep a master inventory list of everything that has been packed inside the moving truck. Make sure that you assign each box a number and write the contents on the side of the box. Then write down the box number and contents on the master list, so that you can quickly find any item by scanning the master list and then simply finding the corresponding numbered box.

If you do not have the time or the organizational skills to move the contents of your house, you can hire a moving company, such as Frank and Sons Moving and Storage Inc. Agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving.,  to come it and do it for a modest fee. The moving company will take the time to box up the contents of your home and can lift heavy appliances and furniture without damaging them. Call a local moving company to get a quote on what it would cost to hire a moving company today.