Healthy Workplace Relationships: Tips For Finding A Supportive Office Chair

Loving your office chair too much is a thing, it seems, since some desk workers must be firmly reminded not to bring their rolling office seats along on train commutes. Office workers who positively hate their work space chairs are shaking their heads at this foolish attachment, since they believe the cushions on the train are the better option for their weary backsides.

If you're considering a new office chair for any reason, you have plenty of choices. Take some time to evaluate office seating based on your work style and office culture and you, too, may become one of those crazy people who falls in love with your office furniture.

Find a chair that fits

If you're the average office worker, you'll be spending around 1200 hours sitting at a desk per year, so the time you invest in finding a comfortable chair will pay off. Expect a good fit out of your office chair, and don't buy one until you try one. (Exception to that rule: if you are familiar with a manufacturer's sizing, you can generally order with confidence.)

If you're not sure how a style will work with your specific body type, find a sample chair and spend some time maneuvering, texting and reading in it. One easy way to find sample chairs to test is simply asking if you may sit for a bit in the chairs of colleagues when you see chairs that interest you in their offices.

Another way to find your perfect desk seating is to comparison shop, trying out various chairs in furniture and office supply stores. Features like height adjustment, snag-free mesh seats and fold-away arms are available to accommodate diverse body types, delicate clothing and unique work tasks, so look for the ones that will make your office day more efficient and healthy.

Find a chair that improves your mood and imagination

Cutting-edge industries are abandoning the strict cubicle routine in their corporate office environments. The fact is, balancing periods of solitude with group interaction is the way to spur the minds and motivation of staff.

Offices are installing nap spots, group nesting sectionals and portable chairs that can be configured to support one-on-one or multi-party collaborations. You, too, should choose chairs and seating based on the way you actually interact with clients, coworkers and managers.

If you have frequent meetings in your office, make sure you provide ample seating that's comfortable and attractive. If you work late hours and need power naps from time to time, choose a highly supportive office chair that is ergonomically balanced and has a footrest, or you may choose to install sectionals, benches or side chairs that convert into sleep space.

Whether you prefer Mid-Century style, rustic furnishings or more glamorous décor, there are office chairs to appeal to your sense of style and your on-the-clock comfort available through retailers like Office Furniture Barn. Spend some quality time getting to know today's sophisticated and user-friendly chairs, and pick out a new work partner that truly supports everything you do. Just don't take it on the train.