Let There Be Light: Choosing The Window Coverings That Are Right For Your Home

Window coverings play an important role in determining how much natural light is allowed to enter your home. In addition to offering different designs and price points, each window covering option will also offer a unique opportunity to control the amount of natural light that is allowed through. Taking the time to carefully review the unique benefits associated with each of these options will allow you to determine which type of window coverings are right for you and your home when you shop for window coverings at a store like Homeplace Decorating. Read More 

3 Easy Ways To Help Your Grass Grow Greener

If you have trouble getting your grass to be as green as you want it, then perhaps it is because you are not employing the right lawn care methods. Here are 3 easy ways to help your grass grow greener. Time of Day for Watering First, the time of day that you water is a huge factor in how green your grass looks. Watering the grass in the middle of the day is the worst idea because the water will partially evaporate due to the hot heat. Read More