3 Easy Ways To Help Your Grass Grow Greener

If you have trouble getting your grass to be as green as you want it, then perhaps it is because you are not employing the right lawn care methods. Here are 3 easy ways to help your grass grow greener.

Time of Day for Watering

First, the time of day that you water is a huge factor in how green your grass looks. Watering the grass in the middle of the day is the worst idea because the water will partially evaporate due to the hot heat.

Instead, you always need to water the lawn really early in the morning or really late at night once the temperature has dropped. The real key is to do it when the sun is not out because there is always more heat when the sun is present. 

Test the Sprinklers

You should also do a test run with your sprinklers to see if they are overlapping the grass when they spray. If they are not, then you are bound to experience some dead spots in the grass. Even though the water will seep into the ground and into the roots, the water will not spread out to the dry areas to cover all of the roots if the water is not spraying far enough.

To fix this, you can adjust the water pressure or the projection of the sprinkler, depending on the sprinkler's design. You may even need to call a sprinkler company to fix the problem if the water is still not overlapping. Sometimes a new sprinkler head may be in order that will work better.


Lastly, you should add mulch to your lawn every year or every couple of years to make sure that the soil is healthy. If you do not have nutritious soil, then the grass will not have a healthy place to grow. Even if you water often, the grass may never reach its full green potential.

You can buy or make your own mulch, and then you need to spread it out over the grass at the beginning of the watering season. If you make mulch, then get a trash can and fill it with vegetable and fruit peels, cores of veggies and fruit, grass clippings, leaves, twigs, and dirt. Cover the can and let it sit for several weeks until the mulch has broken down and is ready to strengthen the grass and dirt.

By doing these 3 things, you can create the greenest yard without spending much money. It just takes some patience and work to get the right formula for your lawn's needs. If your lawn still isn't getting greener, you might contact a lawn maintenance company like the one found at http://www.headmanlawncare.com for help.