Single-Glazed Vs Double-Glazed Windows: Which One Is Right For Your New Home?

If you need to buy windows for your new home construction, you should know that not all windows are created equal. Residential windows come in a range of options to meet the requirements of different homeowners.

If you have been researching your window glazing options, you may be aware that double-glazed windows will cost you more than their traditional single-glazed cousins. But are they worth the extra money?

Here's what you should know before deciding which window glazing option is right for you and your home. 

Single-Glazed Windows

As the name implies, these windows use a single pane of glass. They are ideal for homes located in regions that have a moderate climate, and therefore, may not require additional cooling or heating to stay comfortable year-round. They are also a cost-saving solution if you're on a tight budget.

On the downside, single glazing is not the most effective solution for preventing unwanted summer heat gains and winter heat losses. It can make your house feel hotter in summer and colder in winter, forcing you to rely on mechanical heating and cooling systems to remain comfortable throughout the year. This may lead to a substantial spike in your annual household energy bills.

Double-Glazed Windows

While single-glazed windows have one pane of glass, their double-glazed counterparts boast two panes of glass, and for good reason.

Separating the two panes of glass is a vacuumed gap filled with an inert gas – typically argon – to create an insulative barrier that retains heat and blocks outside noise. If you intend to live near a noisy street or in an area that experiences extreme heat or cold, windows with double-glazing can be a boon to your family. 

Double-glazed windows are also more secure than their single-glazed cousins because they are more difficult to break.

The biggest disadvantage of double-glazing over single-glazing is its higher initial price tag. However, it can be a worthwhile investment if you consider the long-term financial savings associated with reduced energy consumption in your home.

If you decide to sell your home in the future, double-glazed window units can increase the attractiveness of the property in the eyes of potential homebuyers.

As part of a building's fenestration, windows provide natural light and ventilation inside a building. They can also significantly influence the building's curb appeal. Feel free to talk to a local windows company—such as Javets, Inc.— to learn more about your residential window options.