Add An Upscale Appearance In Your Bathroom With Widespread Faucets

Making minor updates to your bathroom can make an enormous difference when you set your mind to finding features that stand out and offer an improvement in functionality. If you're interested in replacing the faucet to your sink, either for a vanity or pedestal sink, you'll likely come across widespread bathroom faucets.

Available in various finishes and sizes, widespread bathroom faucets include separate hot and cold water controls, making it an ideal feature to consider when you want an upscale bathroom. 

Make Your Sink a Focal Point 

One of the first things new faucets will do is make the sink more of a focal point in the bathroom. The separate controls for hot and cold water will take up more space, making the sink a focal point that your eyes will naturally focus on when entering your bathroom.

Checking the sizes and ornate style of different faucets can help you find an ideal match for the sink and ensure it looks like a perfect match for your bathroom. 

Improve Heat and Cold Adjustments

Balancing hot and cold water with a single knob can be challenging, especially when you're trying to enjoy scalding hot water or chill water. With separate knobs, there's no need to balance the temperatures and you can simply have a single water source be used to control the temperature.

This can be fantastic for those who want their bathroom to have a temperature that suits your needs without any adjustments. Separate temperature controls are also correctly labeled, making it easy for any guests in your kitchen to control the hot and cold water with ease. 

Plenty of Options for Personalization

If you're concerned with the choices for faucets to install for your sink, you need to see what your choices are for finishes and sizes. Choosing the appropriate sizing for the faucet has a lot to do with the dimensions of your sink. It can be a mistake to choose a sizeable widespread faucet with significant gaps between the individual dials, making your sink look crowded and leaving little room for a sink bottle or toothbrush holder. 

From a 4-inch widespread faucet to the considerably larger 8-inch design, you'll enjoy an improvement in accessibility in your kitchen with the appropriate faucet installed. 

As you prepare to have a widespread bathroom faucet installed at home, you need to consider the differences in styles and how well-suited some options are over others. By considering the above tips, your bathroom sink can be improved with the new faucet.