Why Damaged Pool Enclosures Should Be Repaired Right Away

A pool enclosure is a great idea no matter where you live. It can protect everyone from UV rays that can be both damaging to the skin and harmful to one's health. The enclosure can also help to keep the swimming pool cleaner longer, which will help make its regular maintenance easier and faster to complete. Another thing a pool enclosure can do is to act as an additional obstacle to help keep children and animals from accessing the pool area. If you have a pool enclosure erected around your swimming pool, then you need to do what you can to prevent it from being damaged. If it is damaged, then you need to have those damages repaired as quickly as you can.

Here are some of the reasons why it's so important to have the repairs taken care of as soon as you possibly can: 

1. UV rays can come through

When the screen has a rip or hole in it, then this means that there will be an area where the sun's rays can come right in. What's especially bad about this is people may be counting on the fact that they have shade from the enclosure. This can leave them accidentally exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time without knowing it. The prolonged exposure can cause them to suffer a sunburn and it also means they will have to worry about the other possible dangers that come with UV ray exposure, like skin cancer for example. 

2. Animals can get in

Another thing that can happen when there is a rip or hole in the screen is that it can allow pests and animals to come in. Everything from birds to rodents, raccoons, cats, and snakes may be able to get in through the part of the enclosure that needs to be repaired. Some of these pests bring dangers with them, while others can end up causing damage to the pool area. For example, a cat can end up clawing the poolside furniture or even spraying on it. Rodents can eat at the furniture or anything else you have poolside. Birds can get their acidic droppings all over it and this can lead to corrosion of certain surfaces. 

3. Debris can get in

Another thing that can happen when there is damage to the enclosure is that debris such as leaves, twigs, and anything else blowing in the wind can now get in the pool. This means you will need to do things like net the pool more often until you do get it repaired. Contact pool enclosure screen repairs to learn more.