Use Wooden Beads And Craft Paint To Make Homemade Wind Chimes

Make a set of homemade wind chimes to hang from your porch by completing the steps below. Wind chimes will add beauty to your home's exterior, and you can enjoy watching the materials that were used to make the chimes blow around on windy days.


  • newspaper
  • wooden beads (various sizes)
  • craft paint
  • artist's paintbrush
  • acrylic craft spray
  • wooden dowel
  • standard paintbrush
  • varnish
  • power drill
  • ruler
  • thin pieces of twine
  • scissors
  • hooks

Paint Wooden Beads 

Select wooden beads that are various sizes to use as embellishments to hang from the set of wind chimes. Cover the area where you will be making the chimes with newspaper pages. Use an artist's paintbrush to cover the exterior of each bead with craft paint. Use several colors that complement each other so that the finished set of chimes have an appealing appearance.

Once the surface of each bead has dried, apply an even coat of acrylic craft spray to the surface of each one. Craft spray will preserve the paint's appearance and prevent it from fading or peeling after being exposed to various weather conditions each day.

Prepare A Wooden Dowel

Use a standard paintbrush to apply a coat of varnish to a wooden dowel's exterior. Wait for the varnish to dry and add a second coat if the dowel wasn't covered completely with the first coat. Drill holes throughout the length of the dowel. Use a ruler to assist with lining up the holes so that there is an even amount of space between each one. Cut pieces of twine that are various lengths. Insert one end of each piece of twine through one of the holes. Form knots in the ends of each piece so that they remain attached to the dowel.

Add Beads To The Twine And Hang The Chimes

String beads onto each piece of twine. Use various-sized beads on each strand and create a pattern with the colors. Once you are satisfied with the way the beads are lined up, tie the end of each piece of twine so that the beads do not slip off of them once the chimes are hung up.  

Hold the chimes up so that the bead-covered strings are hanging downwards, use a drill to create two holes at the top of the dowel, on opposite sides. Insert a hook in each hole. Hang the chimes from the top of your front porch. Enjoy listening to the sounds that the chimes make as the wooden beads hit each other. 

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