Prolong The Life Of Your Tropical Fish With These Three Tips

Whether you are considering adding tropical fish to your home or have been a fish owner for many years, tropical fish can offer many positives to your home. A tropical fish and tank will add beauty to any room it's put in by adding bright colors from the fish. Just sitting and watching these creatures swim around 24 hours a day can be relaxing and calming. The best part is that owning fish does not take an enormous amount of work like other types of pets require. Additionally, it can be educational and does not flare up any allergies your family may have. Once you have decided to bring tropical fish into your home, you must maintain them properly if you want them to live long. Here are some tips to help you get started caring for your tropical fish. 

Choosing the Right Aquarium

One of the biggest considerations you need to make is the aquarium. When you go to purchase your tropical fish from a store like Neptune's Tropical Fish, chances are you are purchasing young fish. These fish are likely to grow in size, so you want to choose a tank that is going to accommodate the fish once they reach full size. Before buying the fish, you want to speak with a fish expert about how big each fish will get and what type of setup they require. It is always a good idea to go a little bigger than smaller. Should you heater or filter malfunction, the water will remain stable longer until you are ale to fix it. 

Keep the Water Clean

If you want your fish to live long, then keeping the water clean is imperative. This will help prevent your fish from getting sick and ultimately dying. You should replace the water in the tank about every 2 weeks in order to keep it fresh. Once you begin replacing the water, you should then ensure that the water has the right chemical makeup for the fish to survive. You can test your water by using a pH meter. This will tell you what the pH levels are so you can adjust them accordingly. You will probably need a water conditioner and some baking soda on hand to help balance it. 

Buying the Right Accessories

To help keep your fish alive and healthy, there are several pieces of equipment you need to have in the tank to help make the environment right. One of those is a filter. This filter helps to clean out the bacteria and waste that is in the tank. You also want a heater to ensure the temperature of the water is right. A heater with a built-in thermostat will help keep you knowledgeable about what the temperature is at all times. You want to keep the temperature around 78 degrees for the best results.