Plant A Small Flowerbed On Your Property And Add A Stamped Concrete Border Around It

Plant a small flowerbed in an empty portion of your backyard by completing the steps below. Once you have finished, install a stamped concrete border around the flowerbed to outline it and to provide you with a suitable area to walk upon when you are outside enjoying the flowers that you have planted.


  • measuring tape
  • garden stakes
  • garden tiller
  • rake
  • shovel
  • flowering plants
  • water hose
  • mulch
  • gravel
  • concrete ready mix
  • mixing stick
  • wheelbarrow
  • concrete float
  • concrete stamps
  • concrete sealer
  • paint tray
  • paint roller and handle

Build The Flowerbed

Choose a section of your property that is flat and that receives plenty of sunlight. Use a measuring tape and wooden stakes to measure and mark the outline of the area that the flowerbed will be placed in. Remove any large pieces of debris inside of the marked section by hand. Remove grass and weeds from the marked section by pushing a garden tiller across the ground in straight lines. Rake up the grass and weeds that were removed from the ground and dispose of them.

Use a shovel to dig holes throughout the cleared section that are deep enough to hold the roots of each flowering plant that is being added to the flowerbed. Place one flowering plant in each hole. Cover the roots of each plant with soil and use a water hose to add water to the base of each plant. Add a thin, even layer of mulch around the base of each plant. The mulch will add beauty to the flowerbed and will prevent weeds from growing next to the flowers. 

Create The Base Of The Walkway

Decide how long and wide you would like the walkway to be and mark the ground with wooden stakes. Clear the marked section with a garden tiller. Dig down into the ground several inches and remove the grass and soil. Flatten the base of the walkway with a tamping tool. Fill the base of the walkway with a shallow layer of gravel. Spread the gravel out with a rake so that it is the same thickness throughout the walkway. 

Fill The Walkway With Concrete And Stamp Its Surface

Pour a bag of concrete ready mix into a wheelbarrow. Add the amount of water that is suggested on the concrete package and stir the water and concrete mix until it is blended. Tilt the end of the wheelbarrow into the section that is being used to create a walkway to add the concrete. Blend more concrete mix and water if needed.

Once the dug out section is filled, smooth out its surface with a concrete float. Line up concrete stamps across the surface of the walkway and push each one down firmly. Carefully remove the stamps by lifting them upwards. Wait for the concrete to dry. This may take a couple days.

Seal The Walkway

Pour a container of concrete sealer into a paint tray. Use a paint roller to apply an even coat of sealer over the walkway. Move the roller across the concrete surface in straight lines. Once the sealer has dried, the stamped surface will remain intact and won't be prone to damage when it rains. The sealer will last for several years.

Maintain the sealed surface by cleaning it with a scrub brush and a soapy solution that is made with mild detergent. Rinse the walkway off once it is clean. The decorative border will continue to enhance your property and provide you with a suitable area to walk upon.

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