Showcase Your Prized Plants With Pride

If you have been caring for some exotic plants ever since they were seeds and now wish to show off your accomplishments inside of your home, create a beautiful display with the following steps.


  • metal plant stand
  • drop cloth
  • face mask
  • latex or acrylic spray paint
  • flower pots
  • potting soil
  • shovel
  • watering can
  • place mats
  • LED light stakes (battery operated)

​Paint A Metal Plant Stand

Metal plant stands can be purchased online or at your nearest garden store. Find one that contains several platforms that are arranged at varying heights to placed potted plants on. Place the metal stand on a drop cloth. Put on a face mask to avoid breathing in harmful paint fumes. Apply an even coat of latex or acrylic spray paint to the plant stand's surface. Select a color that will enhance the room in your home where you will be placing the plant stand. Wait for the paint to dry and add a second coat if you would like the color of the paint to be darker.

Add Plants To Decorative Flowerpots

Use a small shovel to remove the plants and root systems from their current location. Add a layer of potting soil that is a few inches thick to the bottom of each flowerpot that you are using to hold a plant. Place one plant in the center of each pot. Cover the plants' root systems with potting soil. Flatten the soil at the surface of each pot with the back of a shovel. Add plenty of water to each pot.

Arrange The Flowerpots On The Stand And Add Lighting

Place decorative place mats on the plant stand's platforms. The place mats will prevent water from getting onto the metal stand's painted surface. Arrange the flower pots on the platforms. Insert an LED light that is connected to a stake in each flowerpot. Place each stake near one of the pot's interior walls so that none of the light holders touch the plants. Enjoy the new plant display during the day or night.

Turn On The LED Lights And Maintain The Plants

At nighttime if you would like to create a unique display, turn off the light in the room where the plants are located. Turn on each LED light. The soft glow from the lights will draw attention to the plants. Make sure that the plants receive the proper amount of water and sunlight so that they remain healthy and continue to add beauty to the inside of your home.