Answers To Three Common Questions About Residential Air Conditioners

Preventing the interior of your home from becoming sweltering during the summer months will require you to have a working air conditioning system. However, it is an unfortunate fact that there are many people that may not be very experienced with caring for these systems. As a result, they may be unsure of how to handle some of the more common issues that may arise with these systems. If you are a new homeowner, learning the following answers to questions about routine air conditioner issues may help you to be as prepared as possible for when problems arise.

Why Is The System Struggling To Provide Cold Air?

One of the more common issues that your home's air conditioner may experience is struggling to provide air that is cold enough to cool your house. This problem can arise for a number of reasons, but a lack of refrigerant may be one of the more obvious causes of this malfunction. If your refrigerant is running low, there is a strong chance that your system has a leak. Several days after adding more refrigerant, you should check its level to see if it has dropped. When you notice that there is less refrigerant in the system, you should contact a professional repair technician to determine the location of the leak.

What Can Prevent The Air Conditioner From Turning On?

Unfortunately, you may find that your air conditioning system is failing to turn on. This problem can often be attributed to a problem with the thermostat. It is possible for large amounts of dust to gather on the inside of your thermostat, and if this happens, it may not accurately read the temperature or may be unable to send the signal to the air conditioner to activate. Due to this fact, you should first clean the thermostat with a can of compressed air. If this fails to remedy the situation, you may need to have the system inspected by a professional as the primary motor may have failed.

Is Pooling Water Around The Air Conditioner A Sign Of Problems?

When your air conditioner has been running for an extended period of time, you may notice that water is pooling around the base of the system. This is normal due to the fact that the warm air will form condensation as it cools. However, if this puddle is particularly large and close to the home, it may pose a threat to your home's foundation. Due to this factor, you may want to consider adding a drainage pipe to the system to make sure that any condensation drains a safe distance away from the home.