4 Tips For Planning For Your Barn Wedding

These days, barn weddings are extremely popular; rustic barn settings can provide a scenic, unique backdrop for your special day. Plus, the possibilities for decorations and customization are pretty much endless! If you're thinking about planning a barn wedding, however, there are a few tips worth keeping in mind along the way.

Decide Between Full-Service or Primitive

Start by deciding whether you want an authentic barn wedding or a wedding at a barn that's actually designed to double as a venue. The latter will most likely save you some time and hassle, as a barn property that was designed as a venue will likely already have a sound system, tables and chairs, ample restrooms, and other conveniences in place. If you're looking for a more authentic barn wedding venue, you'll have to take care of these aspects on your own (and you may need to purchase a separate event insurance policy as well).

Plan Ahead for Bugs and Weather

If a large portion of your wedding will take place outdoors (such as the ceremony or even some of the reception), then you'll also want to plan ahead to keep your guests comfortable. Provide cans of bug spray if mosquitoes and other bugs are a known issue on the property, and keep some spare umbrellas handy as well. If you're seating your guests on hay bales during the ceremony (which is very common these days), consider covering the bales in burlap or another fabric for added comfort.

Consider the Restroom Situation

If you're holding your wedding at a legitimate barn that's not designed to function as a wedding venue, you may need to bring in some portable toilets for your guests. Don't let this deter you; there are some companies out there these days that specialize in portable toilets for special events. These portable toilets are actually quire impressive in terms of how nice they can be.

Get Creative With the Decorations

One of the best things about a barn wedding is the fun decorations (DIY and otherwise) that you can use. Mason jars are a very popular form of decor for a barn wedding; they're inexpensive and can be used to hold anything from candles and flowers to treats and favors! You might even want to consider having some decorations made out of authentic barnwood, such as a sign with yours and your partner's name on it or even a cute sign with arrows pointing to the dance floor, ceremony location, and the like. Shop around for different wood decor suppliers both locally and online, such as rustic wood décor by MyBarnwoodFrames.com, for your perfect barn wedding.