Wedding Flowers: Beauty Beyond Your Big Day

If you are getting married, chances are that you have spent a lot of time going over every little detail to make your big day everything you've ever dreamed of. One of the things you have probably spent a lot of time thinking about is your flower selection. Along with your florist, you've probably come up with just the right bouquets for you and your wedding party, the best arrangements for the venue, along with the perfect boutonnieres and corsages. But have you planned for what happens to all those gorgeous flowers after your wedding? Why should their beauty only be enjoyed for one day? There's no shortage of ways to make your flowers last beyond that one amazing event.

Preserve them

If you'd like to keep your bouquet as a memory, you can preserve it. There are online companies who will send you a postage-paid box in advance. All you have to do is put your bouquet or other arrangement in the box, seal it shut and ship it off. Depending on the method the company uses, they will either freeze-dry or silica-dry the flowers, making your arrangement beautiful and vibrant forever. Once the preservation is done, either you or the preservation company can place the arrangements in a shadow box so you can display it in your new home.

There is also the option to DIY flower preservation. You can purchase kits at craft stores to try to get the same results as you would with professional preservation. You can also simply hang your bouquet upside down and let the flowers dry, or press your favorite blooms in between the pages of a heavy book. Doing your own preservation can save you money, but the results can be brittle, so be careful as you handle your bouquet once it is dried out.

Share them

If you are getting married in an area where many of your attendants and guests live nearby, why not send some flowers home with them? The alternative is that they might be thrown away! After all the work you put into selecting them, don't you want them to be enjoyed as long as possible? Give them to your bridal party or treasured guests to enjoy as you jet off to your honeymoon. It will feel good to know the money and time you spent on them lasted longer than just one day.

Not in an area where your guests or attendants can make use of the flowers? What about a nearby hospital or convalescent home? Flowers are often welcome at these facilities, and it will feel great to share a little of your happiness with the patients/residents and staff. Just call ahead of time to be sure they will welcome your donation.

*Bonus tip: Make sure your florist has some containers you can give away. The vases and candelabras and such are just rented for the day, and the florist will need them back. You'll want to have a way to transport the flowers to their destinations beyond your venue.

Root them

It is possible to root your wedding roses so that you may have some gorgeous blooms in your garden at home. Imagine being able to point at your rose bush year after year and say "Those were my wedding roses." It will take some patience, but it's a literal way to grow your investment in your wedding flowers.

The beauty of wedding flowers can last for so much longer than your big day. Whether you preserve your flowers for display, share with others or attempt to add to your garden at home, your blooms can bring bring you and others a lot of joy well after the wedding is over.

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