Your Teenagers Bad Mood Could Be Influenced By Your Carpet Color

Most parents know that dealing with teenagers can be strenuous at times. You have tried talking to your teenager, but have you tried redecorating his or her bedroom? Believe it or not, the color of your child's carpet may affect his or her behavior. The following are a few tips that can help you choose the best colors for your teenager's room.

Dealing With An Angry Teenager

The following carpet colors can help your teen battle anger:

Blue: Blue is associated with the calmness of the sea and the sky. Blue has been shown to be an effective relaxer. Some experts recommend blue to those who have trouble sleeping. The color will help your teen experience tranquility and openness. One reason may be because blue wavelengths help release serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that promotes a good mood and squashes stress and other negative emotions.

Green: The green color is very easy on the eye and causes no stress. Green is a restful color that may make you think of trees and harmony. The color should help your teen feel at peace. Just as before, green seems to stimulate your brain's serotonin production. One reason could be due to the association between healthy leaves and greenery.

Yellow: This is the color that stimulates the most serotonin. Yellow is associated with daylight and spring. Your teen should feel happier with a yellow-colored carpet in his or her bedroom. But make sure you do not overuse yellow, as it is an intense color that inspires arousal. So your teen may feel happier, but he or she will also feel full of energy. So too much yellow may be a problem if your child is overactive.

Remember that changing the color of your teen's carpet is only meant to help. Do talk to a professional about his or her temper. When it comes to temper, there is one color that you should avoid.

Red Could Worsen Your Teen's Temper

Red is a passionate color that can affect your teen. The color is very invigorating and may be beneficial should your teen want to exercise. But the color is also powerful enough to put all emotions on high alert, including anger. Red can cause stress, agitation and could intensify your teen's anger issues.

One possible reason could be due to how red affects you. Red seems to raise your heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse. Red gives you energy, which is probably the reason it should help if you want to exercise.

You should talk to both your teen and your carpet specialist about which hue works best for your teenager's bedroom. And, as mentioned earlier, constant anger is not natural. So make certain you talk to a specialist regarding your teen's temper. Also consult a carpet professional, like Aggieland Carpet One Floor & Home, for which type of carpets will work best in your home.