Try These 3 Excellent Mosquito Repelling Tips

Mosquitoes are frustrating, especially when they take over your yard during the summer months when you like to hold parties. When you have a mosquito problem, you can try the following 3 remedies to get rid of them and make your party more pleasant.

Spray Your Patio with Vinegar

First off, you need to make your yard and patio seem as unattractive as possible to the mosquitoes. They are looking for sweet smells, and vinegar will do just the trick to get rid of the pleasant smells you may bring.

To use vinegar effectively, put some in a spray bottle, and spray every bit of your patio. Make sure that you spray your patio furniture and pillows as well since human smells can linger in the pillows. 

Spray the patio the morning before your big party or at least a few hours before. You want the vinegar smell to have time to blow away before your guests arrive. The bitterness of the vinegar will still linger even though you will not smell it, which will help to keep mosquitoes away.

Burn Herbs

Secondly, you can burn herbs if you are going to do a campfire. Choose herbs that are strong in smell, such as sage, basil, or thyme. Just put a few leaves into the fire, and the smell of the herbs will repel the mosquitoes.

You can repeat this process periodically throughout the night if you notice mosquitoes coming around. The smell of the herbs should waft all around your yard, so it will help to keep the pests at bay all around.

If you notice that there are still some mosquitoes around even after burning a few leaves, try doubling the amount. You may just need to create a stronger smell that is unpleasant to a mosquito's senses.

Avoid Perfumes and Lotions

Lastly, you and your guests need to avoid wearing perfumes and lotions that smell sweet. Mosquitoes will be attracted to you even more if there are sweet smells around, and then this will counteract some of the good you have done with your vinegar and burnt herbs.

To avoid this problem, send out a note to your friends ahead of time so that they know how to dress and to avoid certain products. In addition, tell your guests to wear long sleeves and to keep their legs covered just in case a mosquito is nearby.

With these helpful tips, you can easily get rid of mosquitoes in your yard. You can also call a pest and termite control company to spray your yard a few days ahead of time for extra protection.