Seven Versatile Furnishings That You Need In Your Man-Cave

When you are outfitting your man-cave, don't make it a catchall for the stuff that gets weaned from the rest of the home. Be purposeful in your design and configuration of the space, and find some durable furnishings that offer multiple functions and convenience. This is the best way to adapt to entertaining or accommodating a group, whether for a party or a game.

Look for these seven versatile furnishings when refurbishing your man-cave:

Gamers' coffee table

A coffee table is a must for any man-cave, and some offer unique features that makes them a dual-purpose furnishing. Check out the cool, new gamers' coffee tables found in some contemporary furniture retailers. These feature a fully-functional foosball table on standard coffee table legs, with a secure glass top.

Storage ottomans

These padded cubes make a modern and streamlined ottoman for the man-cave, but the interior storage space gives them even more appeal. These are found at inexpensive mass retailers as well as many online furniture sites and are offered in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. For a big space, purchase multiple cubes in the same design to create a grid that doubles as extra seating.

Posh poker table

If you are planning to play cards in your man-cave, you must have a good poker table. A regular dining or kitchen table just isn't the same and won't accommodate players as conveniently or comfortably. Look for the styles with a wooden lid that can be placed over the poker table, securing on a lip around the table's perimeter, to transform it into a lovely dining table as needed.


You might only think of a work-island in the kitchen, but these make the best bars for your man-cave! Often you can find rolling work-islands, on wheels, in furniture stores, and these might be the most practical approach. You can also buy the larger, stationary islands if the space is large and you want a roomy bar for entertaining.

Steamer trunk

You can find some cool replicas of the old steamer trunks used on trains years ago, and these bring a certain chic look to the man-cave. These are also ideal for storing records, books, or memorabilia in your man-cave. Some buyers may transform their trunks into one-of-a-kind coffee tables, too.


There is nothing worse than a chair that is just a bit too small. The contemporary over-sized recliners solve that problem and are ideal for your man-cave. These give you a lot more room to spread out and relax or to invite your pets to come and sit with you.

Trundle bed

A cool and inexpensive trundle bed is a great asset in your man-cave. First, it can serve as an additional place to lounge and unwind while watching a game or movie, and second, it is a great spot for dog-owners to play and relax with their pets. It also makes a perfect bed for a friend that may over-indulge and need a place to stay overnight!

These items are likely found at furniture retail venues, both locally and online. Compare prices and convenience, such as delivery or shipment to your door, to find the most appealing option for your home. Give your man-cave style and finesse, while also creating a space that you are able to entertain in. Visit for more examples.