Make Your Loved One A Romantic Candle And Holder To Enjoy

Design a romantic candle and candle holder to give to your significant other this holiday season. The two of you will be able to enjoy the brilliant light that is given off by an aromatic candle that is placed in a beautiful holder. This special gift can be made with a glass bowl and some decorative materials. Add some personal touches and you will be all set to give your loved one the surprise.

Use These Items 

  • glass bowl
  • soapy water
  • clean rag
  • votive candle (scented or unscented)
  • acrylic paint
  • thin paintbrush
  • potpourri
  • clear marbles
  • lace trim
  • scissors
  • craft glue

Clean Out The Bowl And Add Trim Around The Rim

Wash the glass bowl with warm water and soap. Rinse it with clear water and dry it with a rag. Attach decorative lace trim around the rim of the bowl. Cut the trim so that you have enough to reach around. If you choose to make a bow, cut a longer piece. Attach the trim with craft glue. For added beauty, consider adding a second piece of trim around the bottom of the bowl. Use lace that complements the color of the candle and the potpourri that you will be using.

Paint And Fill The Candle Holder

Add a design to the bowl with soft colors of paint. Acrylic paint dries quickly and adheres well to glass. The colored design will be enhanced each time the candle is lit. Add a thin layer of potpourri across the base of the bowl. Place a layer of marbles over this.

The potpourri will add a fragrant touch and will be attractive to look at. Clear marbles will allow the candlelight to shine straight through. They will also assist with holding the votive candle in place. Select a candle and press it firmly into the middle of the candle holder's base. Use a votive that has a mini holder attached to the bottom so that you do not have to worry about the potpourri getting wax on it.

Set The Tone And Enjoy The Mood

Give the candle to your loved one on a special holiday or occasion. Set the tone for the evening by enjoying a romantic dinner or listening to some music. Your loved one will enjoy being able to smell the beautiful candle. They will also enjoy the beauty of the light that comes from the special holder that you designed just for them.