Ending A Long-Term Relationship On Amicable Terms When It Comes To Personal Property

When two people have invested a lot of time into a relationship, things can turn sour real quick when the relationship is over. This is because there are often hurt feelings and resentment that their time has been wasted. Because of this fact, sorting through property that has been obtained during the relationship and determining who gets what can lead to a lot of friction. If you want to try and leave the relationship on more amicable terms, there are a few key things to keep in mind that may help.

Sorting Through Your Property Must Be More Like A Business Separation

When you work hard to build your life with someone, you invest not just time, but a lot of money into building a home and life together. You go out and purchase furniture together, make decisions about certain appliances together, and may even shop for personal belongings, such as clothing or shoes, for the other person with your own money. All of this partnership in purchases can cause a big problem when the relationship ends. The things you bought, you will most likely want to take with you. However, your idea of what you paid for or what is rightly yours may differ completely from what your ex-partner recalls.

In order to reach an agreement, you may have to consider approaching the situation just as you would an ending business partnership and leave the feelings set aside. Expect that there may be sacrifices you have to make and you may not get everything that you want. Be willing to work with your ex to reach agreements, make trades, and ultimately sort through all items invested in while the relationship was good.

Sometimes, You Will Have To Agree to Disagree

If your partner is completely unwilling to work with you, or you find that the two of you cannot remain civil to sort through property, it may be a better idea to just sell everything and split the proceeds evenly down the middle. Estate liquidation, which as company like Windsor Galleries can help you sort out, can help you get rid of everything that you cannot agree on, either through auction or estate sales, and you can move on with the rest of your life. It can be difficult to see all of your things sold, but estate liquidation can be a much better alternative than fighting it out for months over furnishings and still never coming to a full agreement.

In spite of the fact that the relationship you had with your partner is ending, it is wise to try and be civil to one another until all remaining aspects of the relationship have been resolved, including personal property. Keeping these two helpful tips in mind will be a great help during the process of ending a long-term relationship.