Benefits Of Sandy Soil For Your Garden

Sand is the last thing you would expect to want in your backyard garden, but it's actually preferred by some gardeners when growing certain plants. Sandy soil has some advantages for certain crops over more the more traditional clay soil. Is sandy soil right for your new garden? Here are some benefits to consider.

Easier to Start Gardening

Have you ever thrown out your back while trying to start a garden from scratch? You may appreciate some of the properties that occur naturally in sandy soil. Sandy soil is considered the easiest type of soil to work with. Whereas clay soil can clump up and stick together, sandy soil will allow itself to be tilled with much greater ease. Sandy soil also tends to be consistent all the way down into the ground. You won't have to deal with a softer layer followed by a hard layer that you can barely move around, like with clay. 

No Drainage Problems

With clay soil, you need to constantly keep an eye on your garden after every rain. With clay soil, water can pool in certain spots in your garden and end up drowning your plants. Sandy soil does not tend to have this problem because it can absorb so much more water into the dirt without pooling. You can water your plants every day without worrying if it will be overkill if it then rains after you are done watering. 

Fewer Root Problems

When growing a plant for the first time, it is typically easier for the root to take hold in sandy soil than compared to clay. Roots in sandy soil also do not rot as easily. If you need to remove an entire plant at the root and replant it somewhere else, sandy soil will give the root a much easier time of surviving the transplant. This is usually because the root system that develops in sandy soil grows deeper and larger. Sandy soil also tends to have fewer rocks and other sediment in it, which allow the roots to grow without any interference.

If you are looking at starting a new garden, you will have a couple of options to consider when it comes time to decide what kind of soil to use. Soil that has sand in it is much easier to manage when it comes to watering maintenance, is easier to cultivate and move around and will create fewer root problems for your garden. Ask a professional like Burien Bark LLC what kind of soil would be best for your garden.